Prelude Clubhouse is a community center in North Texas, offering adults with mental illness a place to socialize, meaningful work, a way to transition back to employment, productive lifestlye, and more! We are currently the only Clubhouse in the Collin County area and are now open 3 days/week:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday | 10AM-4PM

Clubhouse members run their Clubhouse by working side-by-side with each other and trained staff. Tasks are completed in various units (similar to a "team" or "crew") that incorporate many activities, such as cooking, clerical, computers, customer service, wellness, arts, and more. Members contribute their unique skills to further each member's wellness and recovery. A work-ordered day provides a routine schedule, while after-hours social activities provide opportunities for fun and fellowship.

Let members of Austin Clubhouse explain clubhouse:


The mission of Prelude Clubhouse is to assist individuals with mental illness by helping them attain wellness, employment and social connections.
Become A Member
To become a member, please fill out the following document and mail it to our po box:
Prelude Clubhouse Membership Application
Hours of Operation

Hours: Monday: 10AM-4PM
             Tuesday: 10AM-4PM
             Thursday: 10AM-4PM
Location: 107 E. Lamar St., McKinney, Texas
Phone: 469-301-6639

If you, a loved-one, or a friend could benefit from our Clubhouse, please do one of the following: