Prelude Clubhouse, a part of Clubhouse International and Clubhouse Texas, is one of the more than 330 Clubhouses in 34 countries across the globe helping reduce negative life outcomes often associated with mental illness, including isolation, hospitalization, incarceration, and more.


First open on February 7, 2017, Prelude now has over 40 members and completed Clubhouse International 2-week training in 2018 at Gateway House in Greenville, SC.

Under the Clubhouse International Model and Standards (a psychosocial, evidence-based approach to mental health recovery that emphasizes individuals’ strengths and abilities, meaningful work, strong relationships, and socialization), our Clubhouse in Plano, TX (North Texas/Collin County) continues to address the need for ongoing care and support for adults with mental illness in our community.

We love community visitors! Please email info@preludeclubhouse.org to schedule a tour.




A devoted group of individuals that ensure success and sustainability of the Clubhouse, responsible for securing resources, community connections, ongoing funding, and more. Thank you, Prelude Clubhouse Board of Directors, for your time and unwavering dedication.



Members say our Staff Generalists are: dedicated, understanding, progressive, educated, friendly, open-minded, efficient, kind, organized, respectful, team players, and great colleagues! Supportive colleagues skilled at engaging and encouraging members to help reach their goals and carry out an effective work-ordered day.




Members say the Executive director is: helpful, quick-witted, decisive, organized, energetic, motivated, sociable, considerate, non-judgmental, knowledgeable (and awesome!)



Working side-by-side with others, our members are the backbone of the Clubhouse. Members at Prelude are hospitable, intelligent, hard-working, driven, kind-hearted, strong, endearing, productive, diverse, and talented individuals. The best way to get to know our members is to come for a tour of the Clubhouse! Email info@preludeclubhouse.org to schedule a tour or get more information about our Clubhouse.