Prelude Clubhouse is one of the more than 330 Clubhouses in 34 countries associated with Clubhouse International.
The Clubhouse opened in February 2017 and has continued to grow using the Clubhouse International model and standards since its foundation.
The Clubhouse attended Clubhouse International 2 week training at Gateway House, Inc. in 2018. This page serves as a celebratory introduction of our North Texas Clubhouse!




We thank the Prelude Clubhouse Board of Directors for all of the time and devotion that they have put into starting and developing our Clubhouse!
Members of the board work hard to ensure successful funding, resources, community connections, and more–without their unwavering support and dedication,
Collin County would not be able to offer this wonderful Clubhouse to all who need it in the community.


Members describe our Staff Generalists as dedicated, understanding, progressive, educated, friendly,
open-minded, efficient, kind, organized, respectful, team players, and great colleagues! Our supportive staff are skilled at
encouraging and motivating our membership to help them reach their goals and carry out an effective work-ordered day.






The Clubhouse came up with a list of words that describe their Executive director–helpful, quick-witted, decisive, organized,
energetic, motivated, sociable, considerate, non-judgmental, knowledgeable …and awesome!






Our strong and kindhearted members are the most integral part of Clubhouse Operations! Using their unique strengths and abilities to work side-by-side with others, our members serve as the backbone of the work-ordered day. Some words that describe our members are: hospitable, intelligent, hard-working, driven, gracious, kind, unique, strong, endearing, talented, productive, and confident! Of course, the best way to meet our members is to schedule a tour of the Clubhouse.