A 5 Minute Lunch For Less Than 2 Dollars


5MINUTEMEALMany years ago my wife bought this thing called the magic bullet.  I looked at it on the kitchen table and thought, “oh no, not another kitchen gadget/clutter thingy”.  Weeks (months) went by with marginal usage…and I knew I was right, this was a waste of money and added more clutter.

At about that same point in time, my blood pressure was borderline high and I knew I had to exercise and eat better.   I decided to try out that magic bullet.  Somehow I stumbled upon the recipe of bananas, blueberries, milk, protein, etc.  Over the years, I simplified my formula to the following:

  1. 1 medium banana (put in first)
  2. frozen blueberries (fill to about 1″ from the top)
  3. vanilla almond milk (fill to about 1/2″ from the top)

I usually buy bananas on Sunday night to take to work.  I will buy the large pack of frozen blueberries (around $10) every other week or so.  I buy a half gallon of the vanilla almond milk (60 or 90 calorie).  This also lasts me about 2 weeks also.   I have never actually measured the exact amounts or costs but I’m guessing it’s $1.50 or so which is less than my tip when I eat out.   Oh, and the cost of the blender is about $40 (Magic Bullet)

Before you blend, spin the teeth to make sure they are free from grit.  When I first started using the blender, I used powdered protein.  The powder found it’s way into the gears and I burned up my motor.  It’s still good habit to make sure it’s spinning freely.

It takes about a minute to blend.  It can be a little loud if you take it to work.   It’s not a perfect blend as I always seem to have one blueberry partially blended that finds it way to my straw.  Also, it may not be completely filling so I will typically have a granola bar or a protein bar with my smoothie (that will add up to a dollar to your daily cost).

Cleanup is a snap, you can put a pinch of dish soap and hot water and blend.  I usually just rinse out with hot water.

My blood pressure has stayed in check, my lunch costs went way down, and I eat at least one healthy meal a day.  I guess my wife was right.


Bill Lancaster
Prelude Clubhouse