Prelude Clubhouse offers a safe and friendly environment for adults with mental illness to grow and recover together as a community. Clubhouses offer a number of resources and opportunities, including: employment, education, housing, social activities, a Work-Ordered Day, and more. See what’s offered during the Work-Ordered Day and more by visiting this page on the Clubhouse International website.

“Prelude Clubhouse, a part of Clubhouse International, is a psychiatric rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness offering socialization, meaningful work, a way to transition back to employment, education and housing resources, and means to a more productive lifestyle. The psychosocial approach of the Clubhouse Model emphasizes the importance of building fundamental relationships during a structured, work-ordered day. Members and staff work side-by-side to run the Clubhouse, while after-hours socials and events offer opportunities for fun and fellowship. By utilizing the strengths and abilities of our members and fostering the strong relationships we develop at the Clubhouse, we offer individuals with mental illness a way to increase self-confidence, gain independence, prevent isolation and hospitalization, and effectively reach their goals. Contact for more information.”

At Prelude Clubhouse, a 501 3C non-profit organization, MEMBERSHIP IS FREE AND LIFETIME. There are no annual or monthly fees to be a member or attend Clubhouse.

We serve an optional lunch each day at the affordable cost of $1.50, but on your first visit lunch is complimentary. There are additional food and drinks sold in the Snack Bar. We also help with transportation for members outside of public transportation for a small fee. These are optional and not required for membership or participation in the program.

Clubhouses serve adults 18+ that have a mental health diagnosis. Membership is open to anyone with a history of mental illness that is not a danger to themselves or others. Tours are by appointment only are typically scheduled around noon so we can offer our guests a complimentary lunch.

Apply, schedule a tour, or get more information by contacting

  • DAYS: MONDAY – Friday
  • HOURS: 8:30AM-4:30PM
  • ADDRESS: 1947 K Avenue #A200 Plano, tx 75074

    Contact to schedule a tour 🙂

A typical day at the Clubhouse involves meaningful work and strong relationships. Members have the right to a place to go, a right to meaningful work, a right to meaningful relationships, and the right to a place to return. And a fun place to BE YOU and reach your goals among fellow Clubhouse Colleagues.

As part of the Clubhouse Model, each day follows what is called a “Work-Ordered Day” (WOD), providing routine, meaningful work, opportunities for socialization and friendship, and a way to transition back to employment and/or live a more productive lifestyle. The staff and members work together side-by-side to run the Clubhouse, completing meaningful work as a team while also socializing, having access to nutritious meals, and many other Clubhouse resources.

Open 8:30AM

AM Meeting (Updates, Reach Out, Sign-Ups)
AM Unit Needs
Lunch 12:30PM
Lunch Clean-Up
Wellness Walk
PM Unit Meeting
PM Unit Needs / Scheduled Activities
Close 4:30PM

Monthly socials / OTHER outside events are planned and scheduled at the clubhouse on a weekly basis at house meetings.
monthly birthday bashes are celebrated the last thursday of every month.

No. As part of the Clubhouse International Model, Clubhouses take a psychosocial approach to wellness and rehabilitation. 

This approach emphasizes the importance of socialization, structure, and meaningful work. As such, the Clubhouse does not offer any form of clinical treament. Instead, we focus on the talents, strengths, and abilities of our members as opposed to their diagnosis or symptoms. 

In addition, members and staff are considered equal at the Clubhouse, unlike the relationships often seen in many other mental health / clinical settings. Members are never referred to as “patients” or “cases” and there are no psychiatrists or counselors. Members are involved in the Clubhouse at all levels — such as writing grants, giving community presentations alongside staff, hiring and evaluation of staff, legistlative efforts, traveling to Clubhouse International training… and who knows, they may even be typing the response to this FAQ right now. 😉

The psychosocial approach of the Clubhouse Model allows members to gain self-confidence and ownership, fosters relationships with others that help prevent isolation and re-hospitalization, and  further, it shows that individuals with mental illness can and do lead normal, productive lives. 

Visit the Clubhouse International website at to learn more.

They have information about the model, accreditation, certified training, starting a Clubhouse, a directory of Clubhouse locations, as well as evidence-based research articles and other helpful resources.

Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation – The Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a comprehensive and dynamic program of support and opportunities for people with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Additionally, all participation in a Clubhouse is strictly on a voluntary basis. The Clubhouse Model was first implemented in Fountain House (New York) by John Beard.

The Clubhouse Model is an evidence based recovery oriented program for adults diagnosed with a mental illness. The goal of the program is to improve a person’s ability to function succesfully in the community through involvment in a peer focused environment. 

For more details you can email us at

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