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College basketball player to return to court after focusing on mental health | Fox News

After spending a year away from the court receiving treatment for depression and bipolar disorder, 18-year-old Ty Groce is prepared to showcase his basketball talents once again. “I have never felt better,” Groce, who received a scholarship to play at Northeastern University but transferred closer to home to Eastern Michigan University (EMU) to take care […]

At Austin Clubhouse, all mental health labels are left at the door

A place of hope, respect, activity and employment opportunity for those recovering from mental illness. At Terrell High School, Athena McClendon sat on the student council and was elected student body president. She took part in speech and debate. She played in the band. She also served twice as student mayor of Terrell, a town […]

Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt talk about battling depression

WASHINGTON — Allison Schmitt hates public speaking. But the Olympic swimmer shared her story of battling depression in a packed auditorium Thursday night as part of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. “I get sweaty hands; I feel like I’m going to throw up. I never want to speak in front of people,” said Schmitt, […]

Texas House approves bill focused on mental health insurance benefits | The Texas Tribune

Texas House members approved a bill that would prevent health insurance companies from offering mental health benefits differently from medical benefits. Texas House members endorsed a bill Tuesday that would prevent health insurance companies from offering mental health benefits differently from medical benefits and offer more help for consumers who believe their insurance is wrongly […]

House set to address mental health bills, one of the speaker’s top priorities | Texas Legislature | Dallas News

AUSTIN — Lawmakers in the House will take up a slew of mental health bills Tuesday, including three priorities for the chamber — expanding insurance coverage for mental health conditions, establishing a jail diversion program and improving mental health education. The proposals, and numerous others, are the result of months of research conducted last year by the House Select […]

Mental health reform has a chance of success

The House puts aside a budget of $152 million to fund the mental health reform, around $95 million for a committee’s recommendations. Rep. Four Price introduced around 20 bills dealing with mental health issues. Major mental health reform will be a reality in Texas if House leaders have any say about it. Last session, House […]

This incredibly cheap house was 3D printed in just 24 hours   

An on-site house 3D printed in Russia offers a glimpse into what the future of construction might look like. Apis Cotr, 3D printing specialists based in Russia and San Francisco, say the walls of the building were printed and painted in just 24 hours. 3D printing a home usually involves creating the parts off-site and […]