New Mental Health and Crisis Center opening in SE Austin

Tuesday community leaders broke ground on a first-of-its kind mental health crisis center in Travis County. Currently, the lack of access to emergency psychiatric services is putting a strain on first responders’ resources but this facility is expected to change that. In 2015 Austin Police were dispatched to 9,914 mental health calls. Between January 1 […]

Retired mental health worker heals through music

Tezell Morris, of Flint, grew up in a household where music and helping others were part of everyday life. His father was a pastor who cared for his community and all eight of his brothers and sisters were constantly singing and playing music. More than 16 years ago, Morris happily retired from his satisfying job […]

Mental health issues too often untreated – San Antonio Express-News

Across our country, across Texas and especially in the San Antonio area, many people with behavioral health issues aren’t getting the help they need. Too many people wait six months or more just to get an appointment. This needs to change. Humana is teaming with the Center for Health Care Services, or CHCS, to focus […]

Hope Clubhouse transforms grounds to feed clients

Edible and sustainable plantings used to provide beauty, nutrition and therapy for clients of the non-profit Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida revamped its landscaping on Sunday with the idea that the new trees and plants put into the ground will provide therapy and food for the organization’s clients and staff.

Shining a light on mental illness

Dr. Andrew Keller, CEO of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, wrote this comment to introduce Okay to Say, an initiative from the institute designed to open the conversation about mental illness as a pathway to effective treatment. Dr. Keller pointed to this startling statistic: Two-thirds of people with a diagnosable mental illness do not […]

The San Antonio Clubhouse

More than 250,000 adults in san antonio will experience mental illness each year. Meet a woman who started a program aimed at helping these people get they help they need to re-enter society. Today we are getting a tour of San Antonio Clubhouse. It’s a place where people with mental illness are provided opportunities to […]

Exercise helps young people with psychosis symptoms, study shows – Medical News Today

An exercise programme devised by researchers at the University of Manchester has dramatically reduced symptoms among young people with first-episode psychosis. The long-term prospects for young people who are diagnosed with psychosis are typically poor, with high rates of relapse, unemployment and premature death. The antipsychotics they are prescribed also cause rapid weight-gain. Although exercise […]

How to Avoid Getting Angry: 3 New Secrets From Neuroscience

Find a healthy way to channel your rage Looking at the neuroscience, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. So let’s dig into the research on how to get rid of anger, what you’re doing wrong, how to do it right and how it can make you and those around you […]