Borah: Veterans treatment courts prioritize recovery over punishment


Expand judicial option that offers arrested veterans treatment and recovery instead of punishment Rather than being content to lock up our former service members, the Texas Legislature passed a bill in 2009 that authorized the creation of specialty courts for veterans charged with misdemeanor or nonviolent felony offenses. The courts partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the State of Texas to provide mental health treatment and support, and they offer case management and service coordination to support access to employment, education, housing and benefits counseling. Nationally, Veterans Treatment Courts have shown a 98 percent success rate, helping veterans truly return home while reducing the human cost of war. In addition to Veterans Treatment Courts, police departments across Texas have worked hard to ensure police respond to veterans in ways that de-escalate, rather than escalate, situations by understanding how some veterans may respond to threatening situations and by funneling them into Veteran Courts.

Source: Borah: Veterans treatment courts prioritize recovery over punishment