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Barbara Fee and Mike Tibbles look forward to their new Pathways Clubhouse slated to be finished this fall in the new Storeys Building on Granville Avenue. Life can be going along, not great but going along, then the hood of depression is slipped over your head and everything goes kerflooey. This is a reality Mike […]

At Austin Clubhouse, all mental health labels are left at the door

A place of hope, respect, activity and employment opportunity for those recovering from mental illness. At Terrell High School, Athena McClendon sat on the student council and was elected student body president. She took part in speech and debate. She played in the band. She also served twice as student mayor of Terrell, a town […]

San Angelo Clubhouse to continue work in new home

The old Float 404 Tapas Bar building is getting new tenants. The San Angelo Clubhouse, a nonprofit program under the umbrella of the MHMR Services of the Concho Valley, is setting up a members-only clubhouse for adults with mental illness. “It’s new to San Angelo, but it’s an organization that has been around for 70 […]

Know Your Madisonian: Peer support specialist helps others with mental illness 

“I let people see that there’s hope. I tell them my story,” says Peter Rossmeissl, who first experienced psychosis as a graduate student at UW-Madison, where he got a bachelor’s Peter Rossmeissl first experienced psychosis — difficulty recognizing what is real and what is not real — as a graduate student in microbiology in 1995 […]

All I Really Need to Know About Social Work I Learned in Clubhouse

  One of my first jobs in human services was at a Clubhouse, a local community center that provides individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness with opportunities to build meaningful relationships that support them in obtaining employment, education and housing. Though I was not yet a social worker, all I really need to know about […]

Local nonprofit called a model for Texas cities

SAN ANTONIO – At a time when there’s not enough funding to help people with mental health conditions, San Antonio is now being called a model for the rest of Texas. The San Antonio Clubhouse on the city’s northwest side is a place where this underserved population can learn how to live independent lives. San […]

Thunderbird Clubhouse offers help for the present and future

Thunderbird Clubhouse has served the diverse needs of the mentally ill in the Norman area for more than 20 years. Of its five major programs, Executive Director Linn Bohm said two would not be possible without financial assistance from the United Way. The Health and Wellness program, which receives more than half its budget from […]

SA Clubhouse helps man overcome homelessness

SAN ANTONIO — Most mornings 39-year old Remmie Lopez, can be found at Mad Dogs on the River Walk preparing the business to open for business. His life now is a stark contrast to what it was just four years ago. Remmie, who suffers from mental illness and developmental disabilities, was severely abused, neglected and […]