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Laura turns to fitness to overcome mental health problems

Laura Moses has used exercise to overcome depression. A woman who turned to exercise to help improve her mental health is encouraging others to find the strength within themselves to make the first move to getting help. Laura Moses was diagnosed with bipolar disorder four years ago after years of battling with what doctors, at […]

Workouts appear to restore connections between neurons, researchers find

In as little as a few months, antipsychotic medications can tame the delusions and hallucinations that characterize schizophrenia. But the medications do little to reverse the less familiar brain-based problems that accompany the illness. Affecting memory, the speed at which the brain processes information, attention, problem-solving skills and emotional intelligence, these subtle but profound deficits […]

You Can Seriously Reduce Your Stress By Doing These Two Things

To naturally reduce stress, meditate and exercise. April is Stress Awareness Month, and if you’re like nearly half of the American population, you can probably relate to having way too much stress in your life. Yep, stress is a big problem. And, it seems to come from every direction. Work is busy, your mom calls too much, that […]

Exercise helps young people with psychosis symptoms, study shows – Medical News Today

An exercise programme devised by researchers at the University of Manchester has dramatically reduced symptoms among young people with first-episode psychosis. The long-term prospects for young people who are diagnosed with psychosis are typically poor, with high rates of relapse, unemployment and premature death. The antipsychotics they are prescribed also cause rapid weight-gain. Although exercise […]