Generosity, survivability in McKinney’s ‘Little Free Pantry’


If you want to see humanity at its finest and at its rawest, go to a spot on Virginia Street in Downtown McKinney. There, you will find a “Little Free Pantry” right in front of Hugs Cafe.

“We come and things are missing…that’s kinda magical,” said Kim Sanchez, who started the make-shift outdoor pantry.

The Sanchez family started this, but Kim will admit she got the idea from someone else. Her daughters, Zoie and Eva, come to the pantry twice a day to collect the overflow. Often times Sanchez says she’ll find a note inside.

“People saying ‘hey thanks for feeding my family tonight,'” said Sanchez.

Kim took a reclaimed closet, painted it, stenciled it, and turned it into something even more useful.

“You just don’t see this,” said Charles, who came to pick up a few cans of food. He just got out of surgery and said he would be eating from the Little Free Pantry Thursday night.

Will and Kristy came by a short time later to gather some food to take back home. Both confided to News 8 that they are struggling to find work.

“It’s awful. It’s icky because you really have to struggle to make it,” said Kristy Shackelford.

The white standing closet pantry sits in front of Hugs Cafe. The patrons as well as the employees there see both generosity and survivability from people on a daily basis.

“We’re actually looking for another little box that we can put for overflow,” said Maria Caccavale, who says the pantry is often so overstuffed that people place items on the ground.

That overflow sits in Kim Sanchez’s garage. Kim is really hoping for more people to take advantage of this food. At this point, there are more people giving than receiving. She hopes this extra bit of publicity will alert people who are in need.

“Sometimes it’s somebody in between jobs and they can’t afford that next meal for their kids. “We’re all one decision away from that,” she said.

Here, News 8 saw people give freely and people take only what they “need.”

These are the highlights of humanity brought together by a Little Free Pantry in McKinney.


Source: Generosity, survivability in McKinney’s ‘Little Free Pantry’