Prelude Clubhouse Receives Their First Grant!



Brad Haselhorst, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development and Site

Leader of Richardson presented John Hoezel, President of Prelude Clubhouse a grant award

In the amount of $1,425.00 on behalf of Rockwell Collins Richardson Military & Veterans Employee Group (MVERG) and Latino Employee Network (LEN).  Prelude Clubhouse is a local community center starting up in McKinney, Texas which will provide adult members who have a mental illness diagnosis the opportunity to attain employment, education, housing, rehabilitation and social connections. For many people with mental illness these are missing components necessary for the recovery process to take hold and start a new life. Prelude Clubhouse will be an important resource for veterans and people of all ethnic groups, religions and economic brackets in North Texas. To get a sense of what Clubhouse is all about, view the videos on the website