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Texas Livings’ New Shared Living Residences In Dallas And Collin Counties

TEXAS LIVING has been a private case management program here in Dallas and Collin counties since 1989. We have decided to venture into the residential market this year. The reasons we are doing this is because of the lack of housing for the mentally ill in north Dallas and Collin Counties. Some of our clients will have input into where they might want to live also. We would like to establish these residences in nicer neighborhoods with less crime and drugs. We also want our clients to be able to have more privacy and a place they feel proud to live in.We are going to open a series of 3 bedroom apartments that will be shared by 3 adults in a semi independent setting. They will be called “shared living residences.” Some will be all men, all women, and coed. These will be fairly independent living residences with a case manger per apartment overseeing the care and providing case management services. The housing and related costs will be split 3 ways. Food will be bought by each individual. If they wish to pool the food money together and share the food it will be their decision. I will charge a flat $400 a month for the case management services. This will give each client an hour a week of case management and the case manager will also supervise the apartment activities. All residents will have individual and shared chores. I estimate the total costs including the case management fees to be around $1100 – $1200 per month. It could be more or less depending on the rent, utilities, and food costs. If a bedroom is empty Texas Living will pay for that part of the costs. This facility will be designed to help those learn and perform the skills to become more independent so they can move on their own if desired and capable.I will also start a series of 4 and 5 bedroom houses for those that need live in supervision. These will have either 3 or 4 residents along with a live in supervisor. Again all will have their own bedroom. The costs will be divided the same as described above with additional costs derived from the live in person. Again, the case management services will cost $400 per month. The food will be prepared by the supervisor and residents and the food costs will be shared equally. Medications will be monitored by the staff person and case manager. This facility will be designed to help those learn and perform the skills to become more independent so they can move on to the apartments and or eventually on their own if desired and are capable. All residents will have shared chores and learn cooking, cleaning, along with personal hygiene and interpersonal skills. If the residents do not want to or are not capable of moving on this will become a permanent residence. These costs will be a little higher because of the housing costs along with the added supervision. I estimate these to be in the $1300 – $1400 range.If you want to refer one of your clients to TEXAS LIVING’S shared living program please go to our website listed below and fill out the application form. Then send it back to our email account also listed below. It is very difficult to take referrals by phone, I am seeing clients daily and have limited time to respond.Shared Living ApplicationPlease download the Shared Living Application (, 15 KB), complete the form and email to me at bobskinnertexasliving@gmail.com and I’ll respond within 2 business days.Thank you for your interest. Please write with any questions.Robert Skinner, Director

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